/home/gian/Progetti/falcon/core/include/falcon/dir_sys.h File Reference

Internal functions prototypes for DirApi. More...

#include <falcon/filestat.h>
#include <falcon/falcondata.h>
#include <falcon/string.h>

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class  Falcon::DirEntry
 Directory entry. More...


namespace  Falcon
namespace  Falcon::Sys


bool FALCON_DYN_SYM Falcon::Sys::fal_chdir (const String &filename, int32 &fsStatus)
bool FALCON_DYN_SYM Falcon::Sys::fal_chgrp (const String &fname, int32 grp)
bool FALCON_DYN_SYM Falcon::Sys::fal_chmod (const String &fname, uint32 mode)
bool FALCON_DYN_SYM Falcon::Sys::fal_chown (const String &fname, int32 owner)
void FALCON_DYN_SYM Falcon::Sys::fal_closeDir (DirEntry *entry)
bool FALCON_DYN_SYM Falcon::Sys::fal_fileType (const String &filename, FileStat::e_fileType &st)
bool FALCON_DYN_SYM Falcon::Sys::fal_getcwd (String &fname, int32 &fsError)
bool FALCON_DYN_SYM Falcon::Sys::fal_mkdir (const String &filename, int32 &fsStatus)
bool FALCON_DYN_SYM Falcon::Sys::fal_move (const String &filename, const String &dest, int32 &fsStatus)
DirEntry FALCON_DYN_SYM * Falcon::Sys::fal_openDir (const String &path, int32 &fsError)
bool FALCON_DYN_SYM Falcon::Sys::fal_readlink (const String &fname, String &link)
bool FALCON_DYN_SYM Falcon::Sys::fal_rmdir (const String &filename, int32 &fsStatus)
bool FALCON_DYN_SYM Falcon::Sys::fal_stats (const String &filename, FileStat &st)
bool FALCON_DYN_SYM Falcon::Sys::fal_unlink (const String &filename, int32 &fsStatus)
bool FALCON_DYN_SYM Falcon::Sys::fal_writelink (const String &fname, const String &link)

Detailed Description

Internal functions prototypes for DirApi.

This files holds the internal api for directories that is not to be published.

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