/home/gian/Progetti/falcon/core/include/falcon/mt_posix.h File Reference

#include <pthread.h>
#include <errno.h>
#include <falcon/setup.h>
#include <falcon/types.h>
#include <falcon/fassert.h>

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class  Falcon::Event
 Generic event class. More...
class  Falcon::Mutex
 Generic mutex class. More...
struct  Falcon::SYSTH_DATA
class  Falcon::ThreadSpecific
 Thread Specific data. More...


namespace  Falcon


int32 Falcon::atomicDec (volatile int32 &data)
 Performs an atomic thread safe decrement.
int32 Falcon::atomicInc (volatile int32 &data)
 Performs an atomic thread safe increment.
void Falcon::cv_broadcast (pthread_cond_t &cv)
void Falcon::cv_wait (pthread_cond_t &cv, pthread_mutex_t &mtx)
void Falcon::mutex_lock (pthread_mutex_t &mtx)
void Falcon::mutex_unlock (pthread_mutex_t &mtx)

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