Falcon::csh::Buffer32 Member List

This is the complete list of members for Falcon::csh::Buffer32, including all inherited members.

bufferedManipulator() const Falcon::csh::Byte [inline, virtual]
bufferize(String *str) const Falcon::csh::Byte [virtual]
bufferize(String *str, const String *strOrig) const Falcon::csh::Byte [virtual]
change(String *str, uint32 pos, uint32 end, const String *source) const Falcon::csh::Byte [virtual]
charSize() const Falcon::csh::Buffer32 [inline, virtual]
clone(const String *str) const Falcon::csh::Byte [virtual]
destroy(String *str) const Falcon::csh::Buffer [virtual]
find(const String *str, const String *element, uint32 start=0, uint32 end=0) const Falcon::csh::Byte [virtual]
getCharAt(const String *str, uint32 pos) const Falcon::csh::Buffer32 [virtual]
insert(String *str, uint32 pos, uint32 len, const String *source) const Falcon::csh::Buffer [virtual]
length(const String *str) const Falcon::csh::Buffer32 [virtual]
remove(String *str, uint32 pos, uint32 len) const Falcon::csh::Byte [virtual]
reserve(String *str, uint32 size, bool relative=false, bool block=false) const Falcon::csh::Buffer [virtual]
rfind(const String *str, const String *element, uint32 start=0, uint32 end=0) const Falcon::csh::Byte [virtual]
setCharAt(String *str, uint32 pos, uint32 chr) const Falcon::csh::Buffer32 [virtual]
shrink(String *str) const Falcon::csh::Buffer [virtual]
subString(const String *str, int32 start, int32 end, String *target) const Falcon::csh::Byte [virtual]
type() const Falcon::csh::Buffer [inline, virtual]
~Base()Falcon::csh::Base [inline, virtual]
~Buffer()Falcon::csh::Buffer [inline, virtual]
~Buffer32()Falcon::csh::Buffer32 [inline, virtual]
~Byte()Falcon::csh::Byte [inline, virtual]

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