/home/gian/Progetti/falcon/core/include/falcon/coreslot.h File Reference

#include <falcon/setup.h>
#include <falcon/types.h>
#include <falcon/itemlist.h>
#include <falcon/string.h>
#include <falcon/traits.h>
#include <falcon/mt.h>
#include <falcon/falconobject.h>

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class  Falcon::CoreSlot
 Slot for messages sent around by the VM. More...
class  Falcon::CoreSlotCarrier
 Class taking care of finalizing the core slots when they are published to scripts. More...
class  Falcon::CoreSlotPtrTraits
 Traits for the core slots. More...


namespace  Falcon
namespace  Falcon::traits


bool Falcon::coreslot_broadcast_internal (VMachine *vm)
CoreObject * Falcon::CoreSlotFactory (const CoreClass *cls, void *user_data, bool bDeserial)
CoreSlotPtrTraits & Falcon::traits::t_coreslotptr ()

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