Falcon::VFSProvider Member List

This is the complete list of members for Falcon::VFSProvider, including all inherited members.

chmod(const URI &uri, int mode)=0Falcon::VFSProvider [pure virtual]
chown(const URI &uri, int uid, int gid)=0Falcon::VFSProvider [pure virtual]
create(const URI &uri)Falcon::VFSProvider [inline]
create(const URI &uri, bool &bSuccess)Falcon::VFSProvider [inline]
create(const URI &uri, const CParams &p)Falcon::VFSProvider [inline]
create(const URI &uri, const CParams &p, bool &bSuccess)=0Falcon::VFSProvider [pure virtual]
getLastError()=0Falcon::VFSProvider [pure virtual]
getLastFsError()=0Falcon::VFSProvider [pure virtual]
link(const URI &uri1, const URI &uri2, bool bSymbolic)=0Falcon::VFSProvider [pure virtual]
mkdir(const URI &uri, uint32 mode)=0Falcon::VFSProvider [pure virtual]
move(const URI &suri, const URI &duri)=0Falcon::VFSProvider [pure virtual]
open(const URI &uri)Falcon::VFSProvider [inline]
open(const URI &uri, const OParams &p)=0Falcon::VFSProvider [pure virtual]
openDir(const URI &uri)=0Falcon::VFSProvider [pure virtual]
operator delete(void *mem, size_t size)Falcon::BaseAlloc
operator new(size_t size)Falcon::BaseAlloc
protocol() const Falcon::VFSProvider [inline]
readStats(const URI &uri, FileStat &s)=0Falcon::VFSProvider [pure virtual]
rmdir(const URI &uri)=0Falcon::VFSProvider [pure virtual]
unlink(const URI &uri)=0Falcon::VFSProvider [pure virtual]
VFSProvider(const String &name)Falcon::VFSProvider [inline, protected]
writeStats(const URI &uri, const FileStat &s)=0Falcon::VFSProvider [pure virtual]
~VFSProvider()Falcon::VFSProvider [virtual]

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