/home/gian/Progetti/falcon/core/include/falcon/types.h File Reference

#include <falcon/setup.h>

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namespace  Falcon


typedef unsigned char Falcon::byte
typedef unsigned char * Falcon::bytearray
typedef char * Falcon::cstring
typedef Module *(CDECL * Falcon::ext_mod_init )()
typedef short int Falcon::int16
typedef int Falcon::int32
typedef long long int Falcon::int64
typedef char Falcon::int8
typedef double Falcon::numeric
typedef unsigned short int Falcon::uint16
typedef unsigned int Falcon::uint32
typedef unsigned long long int Falcon::uint64
typedef byte Falcon::uint8
typedef void * Falcon::voidp


typedef Falcon::bool (CDECL *ext_func_frame_t)(VMachine *)
typedef Falcon::void (CDECL *ext_func_t)(VMachine *)

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