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Falcon 0.8.10 preview

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PostPosted: Mon May 19, 2008 7:29 pm    Post subject: Falcon 0.8.10 preview Reply with quote

We have released a preview of the new Falcon "Piuma" (0.8.10) version. Please, take a look and test this release. Updated! - added docpack.

Update: We have uploaded a docpack containing a PDF of the Survival Guide and of the Command Line Tools manual, with also a set of grammar files for some of the most common editors. You can download them here:

Here you can find the online function reference:

While we setup the new site and the new developer resources, and while we're finalizing documentation and hunting last bugs, we have prepared a preview of Falcon "Piuma".

You can have a look at it here:

I am sorry we have attached no special label to this preview, so it will install and show as a regular 0.8.10 - Piuma. We aplologize, but this is meant for testing, bug hunting and reporting errors Wink. Next time we'll schedule some RC and fix versions accordingly.

This is the changelog up to date:

* minor: Now classes can be stored in object properties and called to get
      an instance.
  * bugfix: Indirect operator wasn't peeking the global table after having
      failed in searching the local table.
  * bugfix: When a "module provider" was given to runtime, test for already
      existing modules was always positive.
  * bugfix: fixed ftd line count, export/load directives and reenabled \n
      after a "?>"
  * minor: Added numeric() function to core
  * major: Removed forall and added formiddle which runs after every element
      except the last one (even if "forlast" isn't provided).
  * minor: dirMake() has now an extra parameter; if provided and true, the
      function works as mkdir -p; creates the whole heirarcy, and succeeds
      also if the directory is already present.
  * major: added boolean type. Now, true/false are special compilator tokens
      which generate a boolean item. Every VM check results in a boolean
      item being returned.
  * bugfix: Falcon binary didn't return the VM exit code to the shell.
  * minor: Load now supports ".module" notation to load sibling modules.
  * major: Added import directive for explicit symbol import.
  * bugfix: Fixed deep user data GC marking in methods and classmethods.
  * bugfix: Parameters in FBOM function calls was not removed from stack.
  * minor: It is now possible to call functions stored in classes; class functions
      not referencing "self" can be safely called this way, which makes them "static".
  * bugfix: Timestamp.distance() was returning a random value instead of nil.
  * Minor: Added Path reflexive class to RTL.
  * Minor: Added URI reflexive class to RTL.
  * Major: Added MemBuf type and relative support.
  * Minor: Added functions strToMemBuf and strFromMemBuf in RTL
  * Minor: Added MemBuf support for, Stream.write(), transcodeTo() and transcodeFrom().
  * Minor: Added start parameter to Stream.write()
  * Bugfix: size parameter was not correctly used in Stream.write()
  * Minor: Added internal SharedUserData class which can be used for data shared among many
  * Minor: Added inspectShort() function that provides a more compact inspect().
  * Bugfix: Switches couldn't accept negative numbers.
  * Major: Now "=" always assigns, and "==" is used for comparisons.
  * Major: Remove assignment statement(s). All assignments are now expressions.
  * Major: Anonymous function declaration is now an expression.
  * Major: Anything may be place left of an assignment.
  * Major: Removed for/to loop and added a step parameter to ranges. For/in loop on steps
           have now the same functionalities as the old for/to loop. "step" is not anymore
           a reserved word.
  * Major: Now nameless functions and lambda are "closures".
  * Minor: Added statement "innerfunc" creating a non-closure function.
  * Minor: Added "enum" statement which can create a set of constants.
  * Minor: Statement give/to can now give attributes to (or remove them from) a list of
  * Minor: Better management of INC/DEC; added INCP/DECP opcodes to allow faster inc/dec.
  * Bugfix: Error.description wasn't correctly reflected.
  * Minor: Added method Error.heading() to access the heading of an error without the stack trace.
  * Major: VM can now be interrupted in compliant waiting operations. ATM, stream and socket
           readAvailable & writeAvailable have been instrumented. Interruption will raise
           an InterruptedError, can be catched and operations can be resumed.
  * Minor: RangeError renamed into AccessError.
  * Major: Added broadcast replies (returning from broadcast with an OOB item).
  * Minor: Added function vmSystemType() to access underlying target compilation system.
  * Minor: Aliased the function paramNumber() to parameter(). The function paramNumber() is
           still available but deprecated.
  * Minor: Added first and last BOM methods.
  * Minor: Added RTL function randomDice
  * Minor: Added Stream.flush method in RTL (ops...)
  * Minor: Added RFC2822 date management.
  * Minor: Fixed unspotted bug in "-c" option for falcon.
  * Major: PCODE version moved to 2.0
  * Major: Added register Latch and Latcher in VM, working for LDP/LDV
  * Minor: Automatically disregarding outdated .fam when trying to load source modules.
  * Minor: Added "times" functional construct (ETA function). It's a kind of functional
         for/in loop.
  * Minor: Added pluggable support for multithreading locking scheme and atomic operation
           providers (rudimental, but working).
  * Minor: Added directive "version"=number (0x[VVV]VMMmm) and the function vmModuleVersionInfo()
           to store and access script and .fam version informations.
  * Bugfix: fixed traceback corruption in error reporting when uncatching-retrhowing from a
            in-between try-frame.
  * Major: Added support for 0 overhead string internationalization.
  * Major: Bitfield operators grammar changed. Bitfield and is now &&, bitfield or is || and bitfield xor is ^^;
           Auto assigment stays &=, |= and ^=. Bitfield not is now ~.
           (This is because we need some of those symbols for other things in the next releases).
  * Bugfix: strFind and strBackFind didn't work correctly and may crash when receiving wrong values.
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