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Web Oriented Programming Interface

Falcon WOPI is the Web Oriented Programming Interface. It's a set of common objects, functions and overall application environments that are given constants across different systems and web service models.

In short, a falcon script written under WOPI can work seamlessly as a web-server powered script (like any PHP script), as a CGI script (as a Perl or stand-alone CGI program), or run under more sophisticated environments, as FastCGI.

The script, or a set of script forming a web-based application, are provided with a common infrastructure and overall application architecture, so that they can be seamlessly moved through different systems and web service models without any modification.

In practice, it's possible to write a web application on a local web server using a simple CGI setting, and then transfer it to a remote server running a full muscle dedicated web server integration.

Currently supported back-ends are

  • Apache2 (via mod_apache)
  • CGI (via falcgi)
  • FastCGI (via ffalcgi)
  • Stand-alone CGI module (cgi_fm)
  • Micro Falcon-specific HTTPD server

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