Falcon DBI module suite.

This is the Falcon DBI module (and related modules) reference.

The DBI module provides an abstract interface to many database servers. Falcon handles making the methods and data appear to Falcon scripts to be identical, thus making it possible to change only your connect string when a new database server type is to be used.

A minimal setup for this module may be something like the following:

 load dbi

   db = DBIConnect( "sqlite3:sample.db" )
   r = db.query("SELECT name, dob FROM names")
   while r.next() == 0
      name = r.asString( 0 )
      dob = r.asDate( 1 )
      > name, " was born on ", dob
catch DBIError in e
   > "DBI failed: "
   > e

More advanced fetch methods exist such as DBIRecordset.fetchArray, DBIRecordset.fetchDict and DBIRecordset.fetchObject.

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