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The Falcon Wiki

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This wiki provides a dynamic and interactive general documentation of the Falcon Programming Language.

The material elaborated in this pages will be then crystallized and used to compile an integral documentation set.

This pages will be also used to store internal documentation, papers, test outcomes and other informations that may be useful to the Falcon developers, but that are not likely to interest a wide public, or that would not find place in a more organized documentation system.

Please, notice that the right place where to discuss about generic problems, settings, configuration, hints, or everything is the forum area.

Using svn repository
The build environment
Porting 0.8 modules to 0.9

Language & programming
The Cookbook: Collections of HOWTOs, best practices and scripts meant to make the newcomer a proficient Falcon user fast.

Random Features: Things being developed, often outdated.

Modules under development
The Configuration File Parser module
The Regular expression module
Environment variables manipulation
The Command Line Parser Class
Garbage collecting control from script

Coding and extending
Embedder's manual
Module writer's manual

XChat Falcon Plugin

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Online users
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