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#include <genericmap.h>

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Public Member Functions

MapIterator begin () const
void clear ()
void destroyPage (MAP_PAGE *page)
bool empty () const
MapIterator end () const
MapIterator erase (const MapIterator &iter)
bool erase (const void *key)
bool find (const void *key, MapIterator &iter) const
 Finds a value or the nearest value possible.
void * find (const void *key) const
bool insert (const void *key, const void *value)
 Map (ElementTraits *keyt, ElementTraits *valuet, uint16 order=33)
uint16 order () const
uint32 size () const
 ~Map ()


class MapIterator

Detailed Description

Generic Map.

This implements a generic map, whose keys and values are of an undetermined type and size.

The map is implemented as a B-tree.

The structure forces 4-bytes alignment, so keys and values may be classes instances provided the target architecture supports 4-bytes aligned items.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Falcon::Map::Map ( ElementTraits keyt,
ElementTraits valuet,
uint16  order = 33 

Falcon::Map::~Map (  ) 

Member Function Documentation

MapIterator Falcon::Map::begin (  )  const

void Falcon::Map::clear (  ) 

void Falcon::Map::destroyPage ( MAP_PAGE page  ) 

bool Falcon::Map::empty (  )  const [inline]

MapIterator Falcon::Map::end (  )  const

MapIterator Falcon::Map::erase ( const MapIterator iter  ) 

bool Falcon::Map::erase ( const void *  key  ) 

bool Falcon::Map::find ( const void *  key,
MapIterator iter 
) const

Finds a value or the nearest value possible.

If the value is found, the function returns true; If it's not found, the function returns false and the iterator points to the smallest item greater than the given key (so that an insert would place the key in the correct position).

void* Falcon::Map::find ( const void *  key  )  const

bool Falcon::Map::insert ( const void *  key,
const void *  value 

uint16 Falcon::Map::order (  )  const [inline]

uint32 Falcon::Map::size (  )  const [inline]

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class MapIterator [friend]

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