Falcon::CRObject Class Reference

Reflective Object with cache. More...

#include <crobject.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual CoreObjectclone () const
 Creates a shallow copy of this item.
 CRObject (const CRObject &other)
 CRObject (const CoreClass *generator, bool bSeralizing=false)
virtual bool getProperty (const String &key, Item &ret) const
 Returns the a shallow item copy of required property.
virtual bool setProperty (const String &prop, const Item &value)
 Sets a property in the object.
virtual ~CRObject ()

Detailed Description

Reflective Object with cache.

Classes that need to provide an item cache AND require reflection of some or all the properties must derive from this class.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Falcon::CRObject::CRObject ( const CoreClass generator,
bool  bSeralizing = false 

Falcon::CRObject::CRObject ( const CRObject other  ) 

virtual Falcon::CRObject::~CRObject (  )  [inline, virtual]

Member Function Documentation

virtual CoreObject* Falcon::CRObject::clone (  )  const [virtual]

Creates a shallow copy of this item.

Will return zero if this item has a non-cloneable user-defined data, that is, it's not fully manageable by the language.

Clone operation requests the class ObjectManager to clone the user_data stored in this object, if any. In turn, the ObjectManager may ask the user_data, properly cast, to clone itself. If one of this operation fails or is not possible, then the method returns 0. The VM will eventually raise a CloneError to signal that the operation tried to clone a non manageable user-data object.

If this object has not a user_data, then the cloneing will automatically succeed.

a shallow copy of this item.

Implements Falcon::CoreObject.

Reimplemented in Falcon::core::ErrorObject.

virtual bool Falcon::CRObject::getProperty ( const String prop,
Item value 
) const [virtual]

Returns the a shallow item copy of required property.

The copy is shallow; strings, arrays and complex data inside the original property are shared.

prop the property to be found
value an item containing the object proerty copy.
true if the property can be found, false otherwise

Reimplemented from Falcon::CacheObject.

virtual bool Falcon::CRObject::setProperty ( const String prop,
const Item value 
) [virtual]

Sets a property in the object.

If the property is found, the value in the item is copied, otherwise the object is untouched and false is returned.

In case of reflected objects, it may be impossible to set the property. In that case, the owning vm gets an error, and false is returned.

prop The property to be set.
value The item to be set in the property.
ture if the property can be set, false otherwise.

Reimplemented from Falcon::CacheObject.

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