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Core falcon string representation. More...

#include <falcon/types.h>
#include <falcon/garbageable.h>
#include <falcon/gcalloc.h>
#include <falcon/deepitem.h>
#include <stdlib.h>

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class  Falcon::csh::Base
 Base corestring manager class. More...
class  Falcon::csh::Buffer
 Variable size byte oriented string. More...
class  Falcon::csh::Buffer16
class  Falcon::csh::Buffer32
class  Falcon::csh::Byte
 Byte orientet base class. More...
class  Falcon::CoreString
 Garbage storage string. More...
class  Falcon::csh::Static
 Static byte oriented string manager. More...
class  Falcon::csh::Static16
class  Falcon::csh::Static32
class  Falcon::String
 Core string This class is called "Core String" because it represents the strings as the internal VM and engine sees them. More...
class  Falcon::StringGarbage
class  Falcon::StringPtrCmp
 Core string comparer class. More...


namespace  Falcon
namespace  Falcon::csh
 Core string utility namespace.




enum  Falcon::csh::t_type {
  Falcon::csh::cs_static, Falcon::csh::cs_buffer, Falcon::csh::cs_static16, Falcon::csh::cs_buffer16,
  Falcon::csh::cs_static32, Falcon::csh::cs_buffer32
 Type of core string. More...


bool Falcon::operator!= (const String &str1, const wchar_t *str2)
bool Falcon::operator!= (const String &str1, const char *str2)
bool Falcon::operator!= (const String &str1, const String &str2)
String Falcon::operator+ (const String &str1, const wchar_t *str2)
String Falcon::operator+ (const String &str1, const char *str2)
String Falcon::operator+ (const wchar_t *str1, const String &str2)
String Falcon::operator+ (const char *str1, const String &str2)
String Falcon::operator+ (const String &str1, const String &str2)
bool Falcon::operator< (const String &str1, const wchar_t *str2)
bool Falcon::operator< (const String &str1, const char *str2)
bool Falcon::operator< (const String &str1, const String &str2)
bool Falcon::operator<= (const String &str1, const wchar_t *str2)
bool Falcon::operator<= (const String &str1, const char *str2)
bool Falcon::operator<= (const String &str1, const String &str2)
bool Falcon::operator== (const String &str1, const wchar_t *str2)
bool Falcon::operator== (const String &str1, const char *str2)
bool Falcon::operator== (const String &str1, const String &str2)
 Equality operator.
bool Falcon::operator> (const String &str1, const char *str2)
bool Falcon::operator> (const String &str1, const wchar_t *str2)
bool Falcon::operator> (const String &str1, const String &str2)
bool Falcon::operator>= (const String &str1, const wchar_t *str2)
bool Falcon::operator>= (const String &str1, const char *str2)
bool Falcon::operator>= (const String &str1, const String &str2)
void Falcon::string_deletor (void *data)
CoreString * Falcon::UTF8String (const char *utf8)
 Creates a String from an utf8 sequence on the fly.


FALCON_DYN_SYM Buffer Falcon::csh::handler_buffer
FALCON_DYN_SYM Buffer16 Falcon::csh::handler_buffer16
FALCON_DYN_SYM Buffer32 Falcon::csh::handler_buffer32
FALCON_DYN_SYM Static Falcon::csh::handler_static
FALCON_DYN_SYM Static16 Falcon::csh::handler_static16
FALCON_DYN_SYM Static32 Falcon::csh::handler_static32
const uint32 Falcon::csh::npos = 0xFFFFFFFF
 Invalid position for core strings.

Detailed Description

Core falcon string representation.

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