Falcon::SmallMemBlockAlloc Class Reference

Small Memory Block Allocator. More...

#include <smba.h>

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struct  tag_Page

Public Member Functions

void * alloc (unsigned int bytes)
 Allocates a small block wide at least bytes.
void free (void *bytes)
 Frees the given memory block.
 SmallMemBlockAlloc ()
 ~SmallMemBlockAlloc ()

Protected Types

enum  { page_list_size = 4 }
typedef struct

Protected Member Functions

PAGE_HEADERnewPage (int blockSize)

Protected Attributes

void * page_free_lists [page_list_size]
 List of free pointers, organized for block size.
PAGE_HEADERpage_lists [page_list_size]
 Pages, organized for block size.

Detailed Description

Small Memory Block Allocator.

This is an optimized allocator which works with fixed size small memory blocks: 8, 16, 32 and 64 bytes respectively, without memory overhead for accounting.

The allocator manages directly heap pages and is able to determine the size of the allocated block by getting the address of the page from which it came from.

This allocator is useful to account very small data as the trie memory blocks, but can be cool also to store small strings, item references and all those things for which you may want a lightning fast memory allocator and zero memory overhead.

The engine provides a single SMBA for all the falcon.

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Member Enumeration Documentation

anonymous enum [protected]


Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Falcon::SmallMemBlockAlloc::SmallMemBlockAlloc (  ) 

Falcon::SmallMemBlockAlloc::~SmallMemBlockAlloc (  ) 

Member Function Documentation

void* Falcon::SmallMemBlockAlloc::alloc ( unsigned int  bytes  ) 

Allocates a small block wide at least bytes.

If the requested memory size is greater than the maximum size managed by this memory manager, function returns 0.

bytes Quantity of memory required.
The allocated block.

void Falcon::SmallMemBlockAlloc::free ( void *  bytes  ) 

Frees the given memory block.

The memory block to be freed.

PAGE_HEADER* Falcon::SmallMemBlockAlloc::newPage ( int  blockSize  )  [protected]

Member Data Documentation

void* Falcon::SmallMemBlockAlloc::page_free_lists[page_list_size] [protected]

List of free pointers, organized for block size.

Pages, organized for block size.

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