Falcon::GarbageableBase Class Reference

#include <garbageable.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual bool finalize ()
 Performs pre-delete finalization of the object.
 GarbageableBase (const GarbageableBase &other)
 Copy constructor.
 GarbageableBase ()
uint32 mark () const
 Return the current GC mark status.
void mark (uint32 gen) const
void nextGarbage (GarbageableBase *next)
GarbageableBasenextGarbage () const
virtual uint32 occupation ()
 Returns an exteem of the size occupied by this object in memory.
void prevGarbage (GarbageableBase *prev)
GarbageableBaseprevGarbage () const
virtual ~GarbageableBase ()

Protected Attributes

uint32 m_gcStatus

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Falcon::GarbageableBase::GarbageableBase (  )  [inline]

Falcon::GarbageableBase::GarbageableBase ( const GarbageableBase other  ) 

Copy constructor.

virtual Falcon::GarbageableBase::~GarbageableBase (  )  [virtual]

Member Function Documentation

virtual bool Falcon::GarbageableBase::finalize (  )  [virtual]

Performs pre-delete finalization of the object.

If this function returns false, then the destructor is called. If it returns true, it means that the finalizer has somewhat reclaimed the memory in a clean way (i.e. deleting itself), so the delete on this garbageable won't be called.

true to prevent destructor to be applied on this garbageable.

Reimplemented in Falcon::GarbagePointer, Falcon::LiveModule, and Falcon::StringGarbage.

uint32 Falcon::GarbageableBase::mark (  )  const [inline]

Return the current GC mark status.

void Falcon::GarbageableBase::mark ( uint32  gen  )  const [inline]

void Falcon::GarbageableBase::nextGarbage ( GarbageableBase next  )  [inline]

GarbageableBase* Falcon::GarbageableBase::nextGarbage (  )  const [inline]

virtual uint32 Falcon::GarbageableBase::occupation (  )  [virtual]

Returns an exteem of the size occupied by this object in memory.

The final GC size is determined by an heuristic algorithm allocating part of the allocated space to the items returning 0 from this call (the default), taking away all the memory declared by items not returning 0.

void Falcon::GarbageableBase::prevGarbage ( GarbageableBase prev  )  [inline]

GarbageableBase* Falcon::GarbageableBase::prevGarbage (  )  const [inline]

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