Falcon::RawStdOutStream Class Reference

Standard Output Stream encapsulation. More...

#include <fstream.h>

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 RawStdOutStream ()

Detailed Description

Standard Output Stream encapsulation.

This Falcon Stream class encapsulates in a multiplatform and script wise class the real physical unerlying process standard stream.

Whatever happens to an instance of this class, it will happen also to the embedding process stream. In example, a script willing to close the output stream to signal that there's no more data to be sent before its termiantion, may get an instance of the raw output class through the RTL function stdOutRaw() and then close it with the close() method.

If the embedding application wishes to stop VM and scripts from accessing the real process standard stream, it may simply disable the stdInRaw() stdOutRaw() and stdErrRaw() functions by removing them from the RTL module before linking it in the VM.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Falcon::RawStdOutStream::RawStdOutStream (  ) 

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