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Definition for file based streams. More...

#include <falcon/stream.h>

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class  Falcon::BaseFileStream
 File stream base class. More...
class  Falcon::FileStream
class  Falcon::FileSysData
 Class storing system specific file data. More...
class  Falcon::InputStream
class  Falcon::OutputStream
class  Falcon::RawStdErrStream
 Standard Error Stream encapsulation. More...
class  Falcon::RawStdInStream
 Standard Input Stream encapsulation. More...
class  Falcon::RawStdOutStream
 Standard Output Stream encapsulation. More...
class  Falcon::StdErrStream
 Standard Error Stream proxy. More...
class  Falcon::StdInStream
 Standard Input Stream proxy. More...
class  Falcon::StdOutStream
 Standard Output Stream proxy. More...
class  Falcon::StdStream


namespace  Falcon


BaseFileStream::t_attributes Falcon::operator& (BaseFileStream::t_attributes one, BaseFileStream::t_attributes two)
BaseFileStream::t_attributes Falcon::operator^ (BaseFileStream::t_attributes one, BaseFileStream::t_attributes two)
BaseFileStream::t_attributes Falcon::operator| (BaseFileStream::t_attributes one, BaseFileStream::t_attributes two)

Detailed Description

Definition for file based streams.

This file contains both the FileStream definitions and the Standard Stream embeddings.

The implementation is fully system dependant, so the common library will contain different implementation modules for different systems; in example:

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