The Falcon Programming Language
A fast, easy and powerful programming language
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Falcon official manuals

Falcon language official manuals are released in PDF format, while reference manuals are available on-line.

On-line references

Developer documentation

This manuals are provided for developers willing to create new Falcon modules, embed Falcon in their applications or participate in the development.

  • Engine reference: the reference of the API, containing both internal classes and the interface exposed to modules and embeddings.
  • Embedders guide: shows how to write applications that use Falcon as a scripting engine.
  • Module writing guide: Guide to write new cross-platform binary modules in C++ to extend Falcon functionalities.

Older documentation for 0.8 versions

  • The Quickstart: A crash course about the most useful conecpts and constructs available in Falcon. It's suggested to start here to obtain an in-depth understanding of the most witty points of the languages.
  • The Showdown: It's a brief intorduction to the language, and an exposition of the most interesting and peculiar features of Falcon. This document has a wider range than the quickstart, but doesn't go in depth. It is suggested to start here if you want to have a generic idea of what Falcon is about, but you're not feeling like putting your hands on the keyboard to follow some tutorial.
  • The Survival Guide: A cross between a tutorial and a reference guide, this is an entry level document aimed both to first time users and script specialists.
  • The Command Line Tools (CLT) Guide: A guide to the tools to run falcon scripts directly (i.e. outside embedding applications), to the external utilities.


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